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2000 - 2001

(2000 LAUSD Band & Drill Team Championships)

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3rd place first division champions of the "LAUSD Band & Drill Team" competition! On November 18, 2000, the Sheiks won the 3rd place, first division Trophy, in the "LAUSD Band and Drill Team Competition." This substantial triumph occurred as the result of rigorous daily practices out in the sun. The sheiks had to constantly change the formations due to band members coming and going away from school. The sheiks were already responsible, like all bands, performing for the football games, sometimes not getting home till midnight! Lots of pressure were on top of these sheiks but they manage to complete their tasks! Students predict that next year with the help of the new director, Mr. Riley, will result in bringing back Hollywood a higher level trophy. If you want to be in this band and be part of the "World Famous Hollywood High School," then call 323-461-3891.

Drum Major:
Juan Ornelas

2000 (Fall) Field Show:
"Drum Feature"
"Fitzgeralds Overture"