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('02 LAUSD Band & Drill Team Championships)

1st: Juan, Javier, Edgar, Alia, Astrid (Drum Major), Carlos (Drumline Cpt.), Salomon, Allen, and Katie.
2nd: Colorguard, Maria, Myra, Karla, Colorguard, and Ms. King.
3rd: Christian, Louis, Reynaldo, Kenny, Jessica, Edwin, Adriana, Araely, Javier, Andrea, and Ivonet.
4th: Juan, Steve, Ceci, Hovanes, Diana (Assistant DM), Vrazil, Steve, Abraham, Vincent, Alicia Susana, Perla, and Jeffrey.

Drum Major:
Astrid Ornelas

Assistant DM:
Diana Gonzales

2002 (Fall) Field Show:
HHS Fanfare
Drum Feature
Sun Cat

LAUSD Band & Drill Team Championships 3rd Place
Santa Barbara, Battle of the Bands 2nd Place
Mayfair HS Field Tournament 1st Place

2002-2003 Highlights: performing at the 2002 Hollywood Christmas Parade; placing at every field competition; HHS drum major makes All-City Drum Major; and going to Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.