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Tunes such as "Low Rider," "Latin Gold," Bad Fanfare," Rock and Roll #2," "Illinois Loyalty," and more were played at this football season's games. Even though this small little band had some difficulties with their 20+ year old uniforms, not having much recruitment from their local jr. high schools, and not having the best instruments, the band went by well with the help of some dedicated seniors in the band. Seniors such as Juan O., Drum Major; Emmanuel E., Asst. Drum Major; Wendy M., Drill Captain; Lucia P., Flag Captain; and Desiree M., Majorette, gave a little bit more flavor to the band and indeed fulfilled their job as leaders to bring the band to their fullest.

The HHS Band celebrated the Opening of the new Children's Hospital in Hollywood which is located on Vermont & Sunset. Former mayor, Richard R. and many others were there with the HHS Band celebrating the new opening.

The HHS Sheik Band went out and celebrate with "Famous Amous" the wonderful creator of the delicious "Famous Amous Cookies" to congratulate him on getting a street in Hollywood named after him, where he originally started his business. The Band was so great, they came out on channel 13 KCOP, and in the "Daily News."

RINGLING BROS & BARNUM BAILY CIRCUS is in town and the Hollywood High School Sheik Band is with them celebrating their arrival to Los Angeles in a parade. Everyone in the Band was given tickets to see the evening show of the circus, but no one was able to go except for Juan, Astrid and Mr. Washington. Juan and Astrid thanks everyone for giving them their ticket because they called close family members and enjoyed a good performance of the circus.

Here, the sheiks are rehearsing on the "pre-game" and "field show" formations for the season. In case you're wondering, yes it does get cold in Hollywood!