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Tunes such as "Get Ready," "Turn The Beat Around," and "On Broadway" were some of the songs that were played for the 2001 football season. This year (2001), Hollywood High School bought new uniforms to replace the 20(+) year old uniforms; unfortunately the HHS Band did not get them until the last game of the season!

The Hollywood High School Band and Color Guard, washed over 202 cars and vans to cover the cost of the bus they needed for all of the members to go to the Santa Barbara Competition. With the money they earned and donation money they were given, they we're able to afford the ride to the competition.

Unfortunately, the HHS band was "disqualified" from the first division and was put into the second division. This was the man who told the HHS Band that they were going to be moved up a division; right after their performance. The application they send to HHS said that 50 band members qualifies the band for the 1A division, and the HHS Band were 44. Unfortunately, they did not send the updated version of this application for this year's competition and told them-- "Your band was great, but you had 44 members and that qualifies you for the 1AA division (40 members and up). We're not going to disqualify you, but we're going to move you up a division." There was no reason for even saying the word disqualification! It was their fault, so why even do those changes! The competition of the next division was tough and the HHS Band did not receive any awards. If the HHS Band was still in the 1A division, they would have won 3rd place Band and 1st place percussion!

Riding the bus back home after performing the band's 3rd year in the "Wilmington Christmas Parade." (These pictures were taken after the parade and due to the excessive hot weather (98*), the band acted crazy.)

The City of Hollywood celebrated it's youth by giving the Hollywood High School band and other organizations, "a little something" back in return for all the amount of dedication they put into the neighborhood. The generous amount of five thousand dollars that was given to the band, was spent to pay off the rest of the band uniforms (2001) Song played: "Hooray for Hollywood!"

At the end of the semester for the past 2.5 years, the HHS Band has performed at Six Flags, Magic Mountain. After a short parade from "Colossus" all the way to the fountain and back, they enjoyed a fun day at the park!